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CGHero works with Bastille on their latest music video, Remind Me

Earlier this year, a squad of CGHeroes teamed up with Subvrsive to deliver an industry first.

The first mainstream Unreal Engine music video

Earlier this year, we worked with the team at Subvrsive to bring the latest music video for Bastille to life. Working with a small team of Heroes, our Producers coordinated with an external VFX team to create the perfect scene for the futuristic setting. Possibly the most incredible thing about the production is the use of Unreal Engine, which was used to create pretty much the entire scene.

We were enthralled to be working with the world famous Bastille; watching an in-house production come to life, especially on such a large scale, was super exciting for the team here at CGHero, especially when it was released on Bastille’s official YouTube page.

Our awesome Hero, John Evsey, built out the entire environment seen in the video, and implemented the crowd simulation and flying car animations; the client provided concept art as a base, and John worked in various feedback rounds to deliver the final result.

The most exciting part of this project was seeing Unreal Engine being used in the mainstream for such a prestigious video; from the perspective of our internal team, who have been using Unreal Engine for years, it is incredible to see how modern technology is being utilised, breaking out of conventional uses and into augmented reality. Going forward, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for immersive UE5 applications like this.

Paul Bannon, an executive producer at CGHero, said, “It was amazing to see production studios opening up to using developing technologies such as Unreal in their videos; it was great working with a band as big as Bastille, too!”

It’s awesome how to see how Unreal Engine can be employed for uses such as this; although still developing, the latest iteration of the engine, UE5, is an amazing feat of technology. You can see for yourself in the Bastille music video how well the engine uses lighting and distance-based rendering to generate high quality performance, all whilst running VFX sequences, autonomous crowd simulation and real time volumetrics.

Watch the Bastille music video for Remind Me now.

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