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Jonathan Webb July 1st, 2020

Retail Product 3D Scanning - Trainers and Shoes

Working with a prominent UK retail store chain to produce high-quality trainer / sneaker 3D assets from real-world 3D scans. The primary goal to develop a scalable pipeline for the fast turnaround of 360 and AR ready assets.

Scan Cleanup

The physical trainers were initial digitized using the Artec Space Spider handheld scanner. This process captures the geometry of the trainers, but does not capture the material properties. Scanners of any fidelity also require additional cleanup of the geometry to improve the resolution of areas that the scanner may have missed or had issues scanning.

Automated Cleanup

Smoothing surface noise and addressing initial scanned data issues, but weak in certain areas (circled).

Manual Cleanup

Manual cleanup improves surface fidelity further, preserving sharp creases and sculpting back in any lost details from the scan.

Texturing Fidelity

Providing a range of quality levels based on required turnaround time and quality. From basic unwrapping and baking of textures from original scans to complete rework of materials and textures.


Complete re-creation of materials, texture enhancements, fine detailing and normal maps with micro details.


Shadow and highlight removal, colour correction / adjustment, PBR texturing from diffuse textures.


Automatied retopology, baking of diffuse maps with repair and normal map baking.

3D Viewable Quality Comparisons

Below shows the scanned improvements with the detail enhanced at each step of the process from Basic to Hero level. Each quality can be viewed in full 3D to see the level of detail made at each step.

Initial Cleanup Process of NIKE 3D Scanned Data - Side View


View in 3D
Initial Cleanup Process of NIKE 3D Scanned Data - Side View


View in 3D

3D Asset Production Options

All 3D model variations were created from original scan data using an Artec Space Spider, however we are able to work with existing photogrammetry data or from detailed reference imagery.

Assets that require less fidelity and close-up detail can be achieved with basic level of optimization and clean-up. Additional steps are applied for hero assets requiring close-up detail shots for use in higher resolution marketing imagery.

See below for the various levels of fidelity that can be acheived.

Basic Basic+ Advanced Advanced+ Hero
Automated Scan Cleanup
Manual Scan Cleanup
Automated Retopology
Diffuse Baking
Diffuse Repair
Normal Map Baking
Shadow and Highlight Removal
Color Correction / Adjustment
Roughness/Metallic from Diffuse
Complete Recreationg of Materials
New Textures and Enhancements
Fine Detailing and Repairs
Normal Map with Micro Details

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