Jonathan Lloyd 01 July 2020

Creating Task Milestones

Unlimited tasks can be created for projects on the platform and each assigned to a specific Hero. Tasks can serve as important milestones and also the workflow for your project. Using tasks, you can also expand your project team based on the unique requirements of the project. Each task can also be purchased and started independently, allowing you to control the creation and budget for your project.

Building Your Project Tasks

Tasks can make managing your project, team, and budget a lot easier.

Creating project tasks

From the project page, scroll to the bottom of the task list and click the "Add Task" button.

You can enter a name, budget, skills, software and even a start and end date for each task. Once created, the task will appear on the project page and can be quoted on by your existing project Heroes or new Heroes from the platform.

Task Workflows

Each new task can form the basis of your project workflow, espectially when breaking down the production into specific assets and skills.

As an example, if your project involves the creation of a complex character asset for a game, you may consider creating the following tasks based on your characters requirements:

Concept Art
Photoshop Photoshop Software Icon
3D Modeling Blockout
Maya Photoshop Software Icon
Detail Sculpting
Zbrush Photoshop Software Icon
In Progress
Hair & Groom
ZBrush Photoshop Software Icon
Not Started
UVLayout Photoshop Software Icon
Not Started
Materials & Textures
Substance Painter Photoshop Software Icon
Not Started
Maya Photoshop Software Icon
Not Started

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