Want to know what our clients and artists think of CGHero? Take a look at what they have to say below.


Perfect service!

Thanks to CGHero, we’ve been able to convert all the products of our portfolio (more than 300!) from 3D CAD to photorealistic 3DS Max models. After our first quotation request, we’ve received more than 45 offers, in less than 48hours, from very talented artists!

Christophe Hanne

The World is your Office!

CGHero is a great and very easy plattform to work on when you need digital art experts to help you with a project. No matter where they are in the world – once you have found your Hero and start up a communication, it´s like they´re sitting next door.

Irene Lillehammer, Studio Vestland  

Great Quality 3D Art

I’ve successfully completed a project with an artist I met through CGHero. Overall it was a great experience, they work with professionals who can offer great quality 3D art and deliver on time. Recommended.

Leandro Barreto

CGHero is an Outstanding Company

My experience with CGHero has been Excellent. Professional Artists who work with clients personally and get the Job done at very reasonable prices. I highly recommend CGHero to Everyone wanting Great Computer Graphics Work with a Graphics Project.


Awesome Experience

Awesome experience – can’t complain a single bit. High quality 3D Artists, that understand their clients requirements and beyond, suggesting extra details to make the results even more realistic. Excellent value also.


Guy Stewart, Unleashed Dog Ltd

CGHero is Fantastic

We have used CGHero for a number of our projects and we have never been disappointed. Fantastic Artists, Wonderful and Responsive Staff. Always a pleasure working with them.

Hugh Kinsey III, Zenith Edge Studios


The Best Freelance work website

Up to now is the best system I have ever known for getting freelance works focused on CG. I would recommend it to every artist who want to do freelance and I would ecourage every possible client to try it. Accordingly to my experience in CGHero I can tell that not only the artist would work hard to get the work done but also the managers of CGHero will also care and do their best to get the client a good work and be sure that the client is happy with the work.


Raul Fernandez Arencibia, 3D Artist

Useful Resource For Us 3D Artists

All the jobs I’ve got through CGHero were handled very well in a professional manner, the communication flow between the staff and clients is always smooth and easy to resolve whatever special needs that might come up during a project. So far it’s been a pleasure to work together with a crew of efficient people, willing to make things as easy and smooth as possible for us 3D Artists, as well as making sure to deliver exactly what the client wants and more.

Daniel Russo, 3D Vehicle Artist

CGHero is an excellent service!

I’ve worked on several projects through CGHero and had a great experience each time. The site is clear and easy to use, communication is fast and efficient which lets me get on with the job in hand.
Finding and doing jobs through CGHero is a pleasure and I can’t recommend them enough!

Dan Marriott, Hard Surface Modeller

CGHero Has Some Incredible Values

The platform offers high quality, great value projects across CG mediums and helps connect various super experienced artists with clients from a wide sphere of companies and studios.

Shank Mehta, CG Generlist

CGHero is a Professional Service!

As a 3D Artist, I’ve done works in different websites similar to CGHero. Without a doubt, CGHero offers the most profesional and close treatment of them all. There are well paid projects, and they offer fast and efficient payment. As an artist, this is all I can ask for, and CGHero has it.

Eric Ribé Casanovas, 3D Artist

Can't Recommend Enough!

As a freelancer I found this site to be a godsend! Lovely professional people, and very fast efficient payment, Can’t recommend enough!

Paul Bannon, Freelance Video Game Artist