3D Vehicle Artist

XGT Concept Supercar

Published November 06, 2019

The XGT is a concept car aimed for the super gt class, being fast but luxurious enough, it started as a hardtop coupe, It features advanced aerodynamics (top mounted - folding - active aerodynamic - air brake) spoiler, the structure is based in a carbon monocoque, it would have a twin turbo v8 engine, rear wheel drive, panoramic winshield, centerlock wheels, carbon details everywhere, butterfly style doors.
The supercar is very well equiped in the interior, forming a structure that adds more rigidity to the overall chassis of the car. It's made of a mix of high quality leather or alcantara and carbon fiber to give it an amazing look and contrast. It has carbon back bucket seats and small aditional space behind them. Many of the dials in the center console have digital displays as well as the driving mode dial and the gear selector. The interior has a "Floating console" setup which allows to store items under the console.