3D Vehicle Artist

EX1 Concept Supercar

Published November 06, 2019

Electric Supercar Concept modeled in MODO for Artstation & The foundry's Test Drive Challenge.
"Classic ride in 2055"
The EX1 has some cool features in its design, the ones that stand out the most are that it has the driver's seat in the middle to provide the ultimate driver experience on the road, a truly panoramic roof that has almost 360° visibility, active aerodynamics in the form of a very big rear spoiler that deploys at high speeds and works as an air brake and even a "drag reduction system" DRS function, electric four wheel drive for improved acceleration, an aerodynamic body that maximises cooling and reduces drag, also some design features that are remanescent from the VEXOR brand like the long LED lights that highlight the design in the front of the car.
Rendered in Keyshot