3D Character Artist

Cartoon Christmas House Low-poly

Published November 21, 2017

Christmas Low poly Cartoon House made for games Hand painted textures as fixed bitmaps non-tiled 4 Elements in total House element Single Uvwrap ( roof mesh, walls mesh, windows and other elements mesh) 4096x4096 Png Maps ( Difuse albedo, Normal Map, Specular map, Glossy Map, Emission Map).

Pine tree (1 leaf UV repeated mesh, Trunk) 2048x2048 TGA difuse map with alpha channel 2048x2048 Png maps (Normal Map, Specular Map, Glossy Map, Emission Map).

Fence Single block mesh repeated with overlaping and single texture 512x512 Png Maps (Difuse Albedo Map, Normal Map, Specular Map, Glossy Map, Emission Map).

Ground 2048x2048 Png Maps (Difuse Albedo, Normal Map, Specular, Glossy).