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I am an authentic artist, having a keen eye for details and meanings throughout one's masterpiece. Transforming what can be a rough idea, to a beautiful and colorful appealing imagery, is what I strive for as a creative being. ♦ • ♦ • ♦ At only 16 years old, I had the opportunity to accelerate my path in high school, in order to pursue higher artistic studies in 2D and 3D animation at Collège Bart, in Québec City. I was probably the youngest, but with my hard work and boundless creativity, I was able to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, four of the greatest classmates in my year and myself made a short animation in less than 48 hours, as part of a contest called "Pixel Animation" which took place in Québec City, in October 2015. Our hard-working team won the third prize, and I'm still proud of it today. This achievement allowed studios in the video game industry to know not only my artistic side, but also my ability to work as a team effectively. Having barely started my last year of studies in 2D and 3D animation, I was hired at Beenox Inc. at almost 19 years old just a few weeks following to the contest. This large company in the video game industry has helped develop my creative meticulousness, respect for one's artistic vision, as well as the task of managing a few worldwide teams, mainly by telecommuting. After about three years of work at a few different studios, I decided to undertake higher university studies in order to improve my analytical expertise in the artistic field of video games as well as that of traditional animation cinema. This knowledge will allow me to carry out future personal projects under my artistic direction, whether it is an animated film or a video game.

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