Hi, I am Anirudh

Faridabad, IN - Joined June 2017 Hire

I am a passionate 3DTechnical artist, who lives to model. I understand how demanding the animation industry is and I am willing to go above and beyond. My name is Anirudh Bhattacharya and I am a senior Technical artist in Smartvizx Private Limited. I am contacting you in regards to a job. I am confident that you will find that my skills and my passion make me an excellent candidate. I have worked on many projects, always trying to improve my skills. My primary responsibilities at the moment are handling the console or engine part for level design and secondary is Modeling, Rigging and Animation. I used Maya, Z brush, 3d Max, Motion-Builder and Blender for Modeling, Rigging and Animation. Behind that I am working on 3d Unity and Unreal Engine for creating Architectural design to show the output in VR and AR. I have good writing skills, as I am also very organized. Working on projects has proven to me that I can work on a team and also refine my skills to become a best team member.

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