Hi, I am Kieran

United Kingdom - Joined April 2021 Hire

I've been practising 3D modelling for half a decade and I've contributed my skills to projects such as 'Lost Colony', a 'Banished'-like city-builder, 'RealmBrewer', a 3D 'Dungeons & Dragons' application a la 'Tabletop Simulator', and 'Azzy Battles the Darkness', an action-platformer inspired by early-2000s genre classics, which was featured in 2020's ProtoPlay convention as part of that year's Tranzfuser competition: https://protoplay.co.uk/teams/celtic-dragon-studio/. I specialise in character and prop modelling, but I'm also open to environmental modelling as well. I'm familiar with the PBR pipeline (Low-poly > High-poly > Bake, etc.) and I've done some hand-painted work (a la 'World of Warcraft') as well. My day-to-day tools include Blender, ZBrushCore, Substance Painter, and Photoshop. I also have experience in both Unity and Unreal 4, but I'm more so versed with the latter than the former. In previous projects, I've had the opportunity to lead small teams of artists to ensure the artistic coherency of a project and coordinate with other disciplines, such as communicating between designers and programmers to make sure the art assets would both fit the design brief and would be untroublesome to implement.

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