Hi, I am Dominik

Austria - Joined October 2019

I am a Material/Texture and Environment Artist and above all I really love to create materials with Substance Designer, I like really everything about this tool and I am fascinated by the process of analyzing a material, gather reference and creating it procedurally. Additionally I really like to texture Assets and create environmental assets both architectural and organic. Creating an environment is more than "just" creating the assets and textures for me, I have a strong interest in level design and environmental storytelling. Therefore knowing how the assets will be used and what the story of the location the assets are meant for is, is essential because it influences what the asset will and can be in the end, how it looks, how it will be textured and so on. I am currently teaching Substance Designer and Game Art (Unity, real-time lighting, Substance Painter, performance, etc.) at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. Being a passionate gamer myself, I am a big fan of RPG's and would be really happy if I could be part of a devoted and interesting team which makes great games. I am also always open to work outside of my comfort zone to learn new things and increase my skill set as an artist.

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