Interactive 3D Architecture (Unreal Engine, Unity3D)

Published March 23, 2017

I can offer you:
- interactive 3d application (Windows OS) that will be presenting your architectural project with menu, UI based on your branding with realistic light conditions (daylight or dusk/night with artificial light)
- possibilitie of freely exploring 3d environment (first person perspective view), changing materials of certain objects using three dimensional menu
- interactive 3D mockup (you can switch between 3d mockup and FPP view from main menu) with annotations and other vital informations for the project
- modelled and optimized 3D environment of architectural project based on your references/blueprints
- realistic materials (PBR Workflow) according to client guideline (you can choose materials, fabrics, colors etc. from the menu displaying in the 3d environment)
- possibility of taking snapshot (static image) of 3d environment and using in promotional purposes (you can freely choose place of snapshot)
- fly-through animation and 360 degrees animation for YouTub