Augmented Reality Promo (ARCore)

Published September 12, 2018

Augmented Reality Promo (ARCore) v1.0 is an application for mobile devices running Android OS. It is an example of integration of ARCore, Google's platform for augmented reality. We can select products and integrated specific 3D models with the camera image of mobile devices. Each 3D model can be freely rendered in real time from different angles, depending on the position of the application user. The presented solution can be a great form of an interactive furniture catalogue, which allows us to display objects in our house or even change materials (textiles and colours). We can compare prices and at the touch of a button you can connect to an online shop where you can buy specific products. Augmented Reality is not limited to the catalogue of furniture / products. It is possible to create an interactive AR applications strictly focused on architecture, engineering, automotive industry or games (the possibilities are endless).