My 2016 Showreel

Published August 24, 2017

Hey Everyone, I'm excited to share my first showreel. These are the shots I had to the pleasure of working on that I'm most proud of, and showcase the gamut of my responsiblities. Thanks for having a look!


0:02-0:08 Modeled and UV'd all CG table props
0:09-0:10 Modeled and UV'd entire hospital including interior structure (FX friendly)
0:11-0:12 Modeled and UV'd bridge, deck and main cannon of ship as well as various set props (e.g. cranes, railings and spotlights)
0:13-0:18 Modeled and UV'd all deck props including cranes, masts, and crows nest
0:19-0:27 Modeled and UV'd several of the Singapore skyscrapers including full interior structure all 100% FX friendly
0:28-0:31 Modeled, UV'd textured and shaded several planes and airport props
0:32-0:39 Textured and shaded several of the cars. Including Cadillac Escalade, Police Cruiser, and Subaru Outback
0:40-0:43 Modeled and UV'd all CG alien consoles
0:44-0:49 Modeled and UV'd hospital, textured and shaded rooftop, all roof