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3dms g.
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Hemant D.

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I am a Remote/Freelance Generalist artist having more than 12 years of experience in gaming/cinematic industry, having worked on wide range of platforms including

Working on many different projects i have wide range of experience varying from realistic/semi realistic/stylized content development for game/cinematic art/ having experience at various level including Art direction, experienced artist, studio development,
My most of the experience belongs to gaming industry as well as gaming cin

Limited Slip Studios Inc
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we offer support for any and all art related needs in games, interactive and VR sectors. Having worked on over 80 IPs in the last 8 years (and for over a decade before that working in house for studios like Activision, EA, Sony and more), we bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to our clients. We know pipeline & method in and out, can assist you in building one catered to your project needs, and have never gone over budget or missed a milestone.

Alexander P.
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I started my career producing commercials at TV as a generalist in graphics computing at Graphium Produções Visuais (1993).
In 1999 I joined the team of the Art of journalism on TV Globo, the biggest television network in Brazil, where I have played the role of generalist in the production of sports clips, informative and commercial animations for display in the sporting programs of the channel until recently.

Remy D.
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Graduated from Supinfocom Arles (MOPA) in 2011.
I currently work as a Director and CG generalist at Picasso Pictures, previously I worked for some of the best companies in London such as The Mill, Nexus, Taylor James.

Carlos S.
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Creative professional with strong entrepreneurial and team management skills.

Co-Founder of a Creative 3D Studio ( ILLUSORIUM S.L )

Associate Professor at CICE Digital Arts School during the last 3 years .

Highly focused on film and advertising industries

More than 5 years of experience in advertising. Illustration and 3D design/animation projects for companies like Coca Cola, Opel, Repsol, Mahou, etc.

ArtDirector and Character artist Supervisor.

Dylan B.
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9+ years experience working in the games industry as a modeler and texture artist.
Extensive background in traditional art, and sketching/drawing techniques.

Specialties: anatomy, silhouette, design, composition.
Expert level program knowledge: 3DStudio max, Photoshop, Quixel Suite, Zbrush
Adept level program knowledge: Substance designer and painter, Marvelous Designer, 3DCoat