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Michael H

Registered: 1 year ago

Modelling/ Texture FACs Scan work / Blend Shapes VFX Film Models Hard Surface and Organic Creature work. VR/AR Game efficient Models Cloth Marvelous Designer Mari, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Max Multiple Renderers


3D Modeling Cloth Simulation Facial Rigging Hair/Fur Grooming Hard Surface Modelling Lighting Organic Modelling PBR Texturing Photo-manipulation Photogrammetry Sculpting Texturing VR & AR


3ds Max Arnold Clarisse iFX MARI Marvelous Designer Maya NUKE Substance Painter Unity Unreal Engine ZBrush

Brian B

Registered: 2 years ago

I primarily work in CAD but have good workflows for round tripping CAD data through most 3D applications. Lots of experience in renewable energy, oil and gas, subsea and large scale project visualization.


3D Modeling


Cinema 4D Clarisse iFX Form-Z Fusion 360 HDR Light Studio Maxwell Render Metashape MODO PlantFactory SharkCad Pro Substance Designer Substance Painter Vue ZBrush