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ranjeet v.
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CGI Artist | Techboi | Designer.

Hi! My name is Ranjeet I'm a professional CGI Artist / Designer.
I do High-end 3D modeling with lots of details cuz I like details
Hard surface modeling
Organic modeling
Low poly / High Poly modeling
Texturing / PBR Texturing
Lighting / Shading / Rendering
Drawing / Concept design / Illustrations

Hemant D.

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I am a Remote/Freelance Generalist artist having more than 12 years of experience in gaming/cinematic industry, having worked on wide range of platforms including

Working on many different projects i have wide range of experience varying from realistic/semi realistic/stylized content development for game/cinematic art/ having experience at various level including Art direction, experienced artist, studio development,
My most of the experience belongs to gaming industry as well as gaming cin

Danny M.
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