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TALOS Creative
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Hi, I'm Gio, I run Talos Creative in Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK.

Talos Creative is an award-winning, high-end boutique animation studio with a focus on character-driven cinematic storytelling.
With over 18 years experience in the creative sector working for clients such as Microsoft, Ebay inc, PayPal, Nike, Ford Motors, The Sun Newspaper, Talos Creative produces highly detailed, CG animation for on-line advertising as well as cinematic trailers and cut-scenes for the games industry,

ibrahim b.
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3D Character Design: Concepts, High poly modeling, 3D Sculpting, Anatomy, Lowpoly pipelines, Texturing
3D Hardsurface Modeling
Available for freelance or Full-time Job

Ironbelly Studios Inc.
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Ironbelly Studios is able to deliver anything from small scale to AAA across nearly every device on the market.. We offer a full range of comprehensive services under one convenient and efficient roof. You’ll never have to worry about tracking down or taking risks on multiple people with unproven track records.

Fabrizio B.
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A brief introduction about me:

I am Fabrizio Bortolussi, a game designer, writer, creature designer, concept artist and illustrator.
I'm able to: illustrate, sculpt, paint, design and texture basically any type of creature, character, mechanical work, miniature, asset, digital double, environment assets etc.
I worked on feature films as well as AAA games and teached at universities and on some online academies.