CGHero Premium

Since our launch back in September, we have received over 140 project requests of all shapes and sizes from small personal projects to large scale productions.

After reviewing the process of submitting and working on requests, we discovered that clients often require further assistance from the CGHero team. This assistance includes everything from the creation of the initial specifications through to sourcing the artists and even the day-to-day management of the project.

To make the process of sourcing content as hassle free as possible, we are now assigning a dedicated project manager to all new requests and are providing a much more hands-on approach to assisting clients.

While this new process requires much more involvement and time from the CGHero team, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to source CG content. We are excited about this new step and we feel this provides additional value that you will not find anywhere else.

Our longer-term goals include additional options for sourcing content and an open request system for more experienced clients that would like to self-manage projects.


By using the CGHero’s management service, we will take the stress out of the process, giving you more time to focus on other things. What we do:

  • Understanding your specific project needs
  • Producing a detailed project specification
  • Non-disclosure and IP transfer agreements
  • Sourcing the best team of artists for your needs
  • Providing art direction
  • Regular updates on the projects progress
  • Ensuring the project meets your deadline
  • Invoicing and payment terms


With CGHero’s team managing the projects, this will provide you with a single point of contact and build a friendly working relationship with the CGHero team. What we do: 

  • Get notifications of projects that match your skills
  • Single point of contact per project
  • Detailed project briefs with technical and design specifications included
  • Art direction and feedback throughout the project
  • Ensure no scope creep or project changes midway through project
  • Payment protection for work successfully delivered
  • Payment-on-demand*

* Withdraw funds as soon as the project has been completed

Your Opinion Matters to Us

We appreciate any feedback you might have about the CGHero platform, services offered or anything you feel would improve the experience for others. If you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch with us today.