Game Art Outsource

Connecting you with the world's best artists and studios using the latest techniques to produce AAA quality Game Art. Request a range of art services from initial concept art to production ready 3D assets.

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Art Production On-Demand

We support each stage of your production cycle, from initial concept art through to the production of real-time in-game assets and high-poly assets for your game cinematics and promotional art.

Concept Art

Pre-production conceptualisation of game assets ready to hand off to the 3D production team for modeling.

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3D Modeling

Industry standard production from high poly detailed sculpting to retopology, unwrapping and baking final assets.

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Upscaling and remastering existing off-the-shelf assets into next-gen assets for latest spec game engines.

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Unwrapping & Texturing

Latest spec photorealistic PBR textures and materials produced by our network of dedicated texture artists.

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Asset Implementation

Assisting with asset import and implementation into popular game engines including Unreal Engine and Unity.

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Promotional Art

Leveraging your game assets to produce promotional sales and marketing material for your game title.

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