Retro speeder

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Retro Speeder
Based on a sketch by Yigit Koroglu
Check out his work here

There a lot of redoing and learning with this one. At first I didn’t want to texture it at all, then I decided to go with fully procedural materials which were pretty cool and I still ended up UVing and texturing most of it.
During the initial beginning stages I wanted the driver to be a WWI fighter pilot, leather helmet, big goggles etc, after a couple of experiments with that I stumbled upon this design and I fairly liked it.

Driver character was done in Marvelous designer / Zbrush / Blender, some texturing was done in Quixel.

With years of experience in 3D design, working on whole sorts of projects from commercials to custom VR experiences I'm happy to offer you my time and expertise!What do I do? I help you realize your concept and turn it into practical, usable, well designed and streamlined. Also I love helping out with the process, tutoring, optimizing and improving efficiency. My favorite themes are Scifi and industrial design, creating weapons, vehicles, robot designs.Message me if there's any doub