Polar Bear (Fur) Rigged

Portfolio Information

Photo realistic Polar Bear (Fur) Rigged 3D Model.
Bellow is my this 3D model link for further details.

Polar Bear (Fur) Rigged

And also you check my portfolio on Turbosquid You just go with this bellow link to see my full gallery.


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V3D Vendor

Hello, My name is V3D Vendor. i am Professional CG artist and i have more then 7 years of experience in 3d graphics modeling (Low and high poly modeling), texturing, rigging, animation, hair grooming and simulation etc. I completely understand for low and high poly modeling. My specialized is modeling for WILD LIFE. I use 3ds max, Maya Blender 3D, Z-Brush, and Photoshop CS. i working with freelancing project attend and also work with my Turbosquid gallery.