Furniture from UE4 Arhiviz project (Retopology+UV+Texturing)

Portfolio Information

Working on Arhiviz project, use UE4
PBR Ttexturing from all objects:
Bath Vitae Zaha Hadid:

I'm working in this industry for over seven years. I am specialise in: hight and low-poly modelling and UV mapping using 3DS Max and Maya, Blender creating normal maps in 3DS Max, ZBrush and Photoshop (with Xnormal or Nvidia Normal plug-in), texturing using Photoshop (colour and specular maps), sculpting, painting and adding detail to high poly models in ZBrush. Ndo2, Mudbox (texturing, sculpting), Marmoset, Topogun, All substance product, Im official tester UE4 from company Epic Games