Elf On the Shelf Movie: Elf Pets Santa’s St. Bernands Save Christmas

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This was the first big project for the studio I was working in. We faced many challenges and overcame all of them to achieve our goal. It was a huge success for the studio. I worked on many aspects of this project including cloth, rigging, animation (The entire pop up book sequence of the film (roughly 2 minutes)), lighting, resolving technical problems with hair, and more. This project has a strict NDA and I can not post a reel on here specific to the project. For more information on this particular project, message me directly.

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United States
My name is Jennifer Cruz. I have a BFA in animation and an MFA in Visual Effects. Both degrees from SCAD. I have been credited on 2 films with the following titles: rigging lead, cloth simulation, lighting lead, texturing, render manager, quality control, and animator. I am also the owner of https://www.cgjctools.com It is a start up company in which I sell plug-ins and soon will also have courses and tutorials for sale as well.