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An Orc Ogre Character created for the Unity Asset Store. Currently creating animations for it.
Base Model sculpted in Zbrush. Sculpt Cleaned up and retopologized using 3dCoat retopology tools. Textures and Low Poly Topology, UVs and Baking carried out by myself and finalised in 3Dcoat, Substance Painter and Photoshop. Rigged and animated in 3dsMax.

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United Kingdom
Over 10 years Game and Indie Experience with over 4 shipped titles. Specializing in VR and Mobile Game Development. We worked on Crystal Rift, Windlands 1 + 2, SuperTrucks off Road and some more games around the world.We are currently a small team of 2, myself and my apprentice. My apprentice takes care of low poly modeling and I take care of the rest of the business. We have a broad range of skills and knowledge base.