Product Visualization

Connecting you with amazing 3D freelance artists and studios who specialize in taking your product and creating it in CGI environment to help show or sell your ideas.

Featured Rendering by Nickolay Morhunov

2D Drawings to 3D Models

3D Model of VW Polo created from blueprint drawing

Got 2D images that you want converted to a 3D model? CGHero has talented 3D artist that can convert your drawings or photo references into a 3D model to be placed into an 3D environment or ready for use in high quality visualisations.

Rendered Imagery

Product Render by Stuttgart Render CGI

Using photography for each individual product that you own can be timely, expensive and comes with it’s limitations. With 3D product visuals you have the power to produce clean and consistent imagery of your products. You also have more flexibility when it comes to producing different angles and variations of the same product.

Rendered stills of your product are a fantastic way to showcase your products cleanly across multiple media forms from online websites, paper brochures and many more.

360 Web Viewers

Move your 3D product within the web page using your mouse

This latest technique for viewing products online, we can produce high quality renders of your product which can be displayed on your your website. Immersive shopping experiences have shown aan increase in sales as it allows the users to interact with the product more from multiple angles.

Our Heroes will work to a set technical specification to ensure that you get the visual 360 viewer you desire.

Contact CGHero for further details on this product.

CAD to Poly 3D Model

CAD Conversio  by Stuttgart Render CGI

Our skilled artists are specialists who can take CAD data of a product and recreate this using optimisation and retopology methods into a clean 3D model for use in visualisations or real time applications.