GALAHAD 3093: Building Character Content

CGHero has teamed up with Simutronics to produce characters for their new game, GALAHAD 3093, currently in development and beta testing.

CGHero are really excited to have worked with the Simutronics team in building content for their latest game in development, GALAHAD 3093. The CGHero team along with a number of our Heroes collaborated to help deliver on all 9 characters in the game.

Who are Simutronics Corp?

Simutronics is an American independent online games development studio with a passion for MMO games. Founded by their current President and CEO David Whatley in 1987, Simutronics was awarded the very first "Online Game of the Year" award by Computer Gaming World magazine in 1993 for their game CyberStrike. Due to the game's immense popularity, they released the sequal, CyberStrike 2, together with Sony Interactive Studios America in 1998. They moved on to debute HeroEngine in 2006, a 3D game engine and server technology platform developed specifically for building MMO-style games, which has been licensed out to multiple notable games companies including BioWare and Zenimax. This was later sold to Idea Fabrik in 2010 so they could return to focus on what they are truly passionate about - developing games.

Many games later, they are now releasing GALLAHAD 3093 and we are immensely excited to have got the opportunity to work with the Simutronics team on some of the characters that you will see.

What is GALAHAD 3093?

GALAHAD 3093 is a mech-based hero shooter game that is set in a sci-fi future imbued with Arthurian legend. You get to choose your Knight and customise your mech, known as a "Lance", to fight in a 32 player arena. The lances are highly customizable and range from Light to Super Heavy, to maximise your mobility, damage and defense. You can arm them with a variety of weapons, from miniguns to beam cannons and plasma guns, and deployable systems to prepare for various tactical situations.

Gameplay footage of GALAHAD 3093 early access.

The Production Collaboration

CGHero COO, Chris Lawrence, spoke about working on the content:

Chris Lawrence

Chris Lawrence

"With the success of the Simutronics' titles in the past, we were thrilled to offer our assistance with the production and aid the Simutronics team in creating content for their game. This project was a great opportunities for our character artists to help build the AAA game characters for GALAHAD 3093. We were able to provide them with a solution to scale their production team without the need for internal hiring, allowing them to speed up their production."

Galahad Knight, Arthur

Galahad 3093 Knight known as "Arthur" who was worked on by Victor and Rodrigo.

Simutronics Technical Artist, Steve Coyle, added:

Steve Coyle

Steve Coyle

"CGHero has greatly increased our production time by producing high quality results promptly. They have been very responsive and helpful to our queries and needs during development."

Meet the Heroes behind the Knights

Over 10 talented artists at CGHero got tasked with creating 10 characters from start to finish, which would ultimately be added into the game which is currently in development. The characters would need to be created and rigged, ready to add into the Unity game engine. We caught up with some of the incredible artists we worked with, to hear their thoughts. Rodrigo, a 3D character artist with over a decade of experience, worked on some of the characters in the game, including Kay.

Galahad Knight, Kay

Galahad 3093 Knight known as "Kay" who was worked on by Rodrigo.

Rodrigo Profile Picture

Rodrigo R

"I worked on two of the characters from scratch, Kay and Mordred, from highpoly modeling to game-res topology, UVs and textures. I also helped improve some of the already finished characters, such as texture improvements. I really enjoyed working on these two characters as the client was very open to letting me try new things. It definitely helped me improve my skills and workflows. CGHero is definitely the best platform out there for freelance artists. The team is very responsive and helpful, with a very personal approach to the artists which makes you feel at home. The platform is always improving with very interesting features and new ideas to form a strong community of artists, with great opportunities and bigger clients than other platforms."

Cinematic game trailer for GALAHAD 3093. Kay character created by Rodrigo and weapon by Marcos.

Daniel Profile Picture

Daniel C

"I worked on two of the characters, Nim and Gwen, from start to finish. This included highpoly, low poly, UV mapping and texture baking and textures. For another character, Morgan, I did the low poly, UV mapping and texture baking and texture stages as well. The biggest challenge was to stay as close as possible to the concept art while transposing it to 3D, but it was really fun working with Chris and the CGHero team."

Galahad Knight, Arthur

In-game menu footage of the character Gwen. Charater created by Daniel, hair produced by Victor.

Beta Testing Tournament

Simutronics have announced the second beta early this month which will be running from July 23rd until August 1st, with a tournament being held from July 29th to July 31st. The winner will be determined by whoever has the highest single-match score during this window and will receive a prize from Simutronics CEO David Whatley's personal lunchbox, which contains a mystery gift.

GALAHAD 3093 Beta Test Tournament

Want to give it a go before the official release? Check out GALAHAD 3093 on Steam here to play the beta version until August 1st!

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