Preparing and Maintaining Your Hero Profile

Finding freelance 3D work is a hard challenge for most artists but when you find somewhere it’s best to have your profile set up correctly to make it clean, clear and complete. This article goes over some of the good practices to ensure your profile is ready to be viewed by the CGHero clients.

1. Portfolio work


It’s easy to say that you can do a piece of work, but having the actually pieces of work to show on your profile will give clients more confidence that you know what your talking about and can trust your to complete the freelance work requested. It is import thought that these pieces of work are actually relevant to what the client is looking for.


This work should be however, something that a client is likely to be looking for and also shows that you are skilled in this area. It is no good having character portfolio pieces and saying to a client that you can model vehicles as these are 2 model types do not have much in common.

2. Complete Your Profile

To be taken seriously as a freelance, you should have a completed profile as this show you have taken the time to provide clients with enough information about you. This will also save a lot of back and forth on messages from the client asking questions which could have easily be available in your portfolio.


A clear bio brief about yourself you and your experience is good practice is also great, but from time to time you find on most freelance sites that profiles get bloated out with things like contact info, skills and software use and links to portfolios. This information is unnecessary in a bio as the system you general use has all of information present elsewhere so you are just creating double the work for yourself. Below are some examples of information that is good to have in a bio: :



  • Artist Role you see yourself as (3D Generalist. Texture Artist, Clothing FX (CFX) Artist etc).
  • How long you have been practicing CGI
  • Any industry experience


3. Highlight Your Specialist Skills

It’s great to let clients know what you are skilled at, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you are a specialist in all these fields. Adding every single skills you have attempted again makes your profile bloated and adds additional information that may not be applicable. If you feel you want to branch out to another skill then that’s great! But ensure you have spent the time to learn and understand this and provide some nice portfolio pieces to go along with this.


As mentioned before, it’s great to have portfolio work that backs up what you can do, so focus your efforts on these skills and not on that one time you opened Marvelous Designer and completed a tutorial (we’ve all been there).

4. Add a Photo

A picture of you is the most effective way of presenting yourself. This shows that you are a real person and helps the client to connect with freelancer on a more personal level. It is a fact that most clients will ignore profiles that have the standard image and on CGHero is this is the case. 76% of Heroes who won work had a profile picture of them or their company logo and the rest were Heroes with digital work as the profile picture.

5. Get Good Feedback

So your profile is ready and you landed your first project and completed this successfully, fantastic! You want to do a great job so that clients leave you some positive feedback for other clients to see for future projects. Not all clients will give feedback but asking politely is a good start to prompt them. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.


We have picked an example of one of our Hero’s profile that show off an artist really well. They have examples of relevant work, their experiences and roles and have outlined some skills that apply to the roles they have been in.


Now you should be ready to get supercharge your profile.