How It Works

Fast and Easy Way to Source Awe-inspiring

Computer Graphics

1. Post your request

1. Submit your request

To get started, use the Request Form to submit a description of your project including the title, budget, format, and time-frame (the more detail the better). Once submitted, a CGHero Account Manager will review your request and may contact you to discuss your project in more detail, to ensure that your request is clear to the artist(s).

3. Approve freelancers bid

2. Finding the talent

Once the Account Manager has all the information about your project, they will post your request to the site and begin their search to find the best artist(s) to assist with your request. Once posted to the site, all our artists will have access to your request to review.

2. Receive bids

3. Receiving the quote

Once you have found an artist with a quote that you are happy with, you can continue to accept the quote. Once accepted, you will need to make the payment before work can commence. CGHero will hold the payment until the work has been completed as specified in your request. (If unsure, contact the CGHero Team to discuss alternative payment options).


Contact the CGHero Team on details of our Premium Service.

4. Work with the freelancers

4. Sit back and relax

The artist(s) will being working on your project and will provide you with regular updates to ensure that you are happy with the direction the work is going. Once the project has been completed, all files will be transferred to you and payment will be released to the artist(s) account.

1. Become an approved artist

1. Become an approved user

Sign up to CGHero and create your profile to include links to your portfolio pages, your skills and the software you have experience in. Once reviewed and approved you will gain access to exclusive features on the site.

2. View and bid on requests

2. Provide your quote

Once an approved freelancer, you will receive exciting opportunities from the CGHero Account Management Team to assist with new client projects. You will be asked to supply details about how long it will take to produce the work and what the cost would be (CGHero commission is calculated at the time of posting your quote).

3. Work with the client

3. Working with CGHero

Once CGHero has received payment from the client, you will work alongside the CGHero Account Manager to ensure that you are receiving the right art direction to produce some incredible art.

4. Receive Payment

4. Receive Payment

Once the client’s project has come to an end, CGHero will release the funds to your account. A job well done!