Elite Game Artist Application

Be part of an elite crew of Pro Game Artists and work on game projects that interest you. Apply and become CGHero certified today!

3D Artist Marcelo Prado Featured image by Hero Clinton Crumpler

How Does It Work?

Application to become an Elite Hero takes just a few minutes for each skill you would like to apply for. Our team will review your application and follow-up with additional steps.

1. Apply to Game Art Services

Complete the application for each service you are interested in. Ensure you have relevant portfolio work before applying.

2. Awarded Elite Status

Your application is reviewed by the CGHero Team and you are awarded Elite status if you are a right fit for the service.

3. Receive Job Specs

As an Elite Hero, you'll receive custom job specs for projects that match the services you have been certified for.

3D Game Art Services

Important - Make sure you have relevant game portfolio work available in each category you would like to work on.

Includes realistic and stylized female, male, androids and alien biped characters.


A range of weaponry including pistols, rifles, machine guns, blades and sci-fi weapons.


Hard-surface vehicle asset including cars, tanks, planes, boats and heavy machinery.

Electronics Props

All technical / functional electronic props including appliances, phones, laptops, radios, computers, screens and other interactive devices.

Furniture Props

Props for interior spaces like chairs, tables, benches, beds, bookcases, and other furniture items that a player may encounter.

Industrial Props

Industrial machines, mechanical devices, and even industrial pipes, cables and wires. Everything you can imagine to fill those industrial spaces.

Building Props

Covers all exterior and interior building elements including entire modular buildings, columns, stairs, walls, fences, walkways, and roads.

Clothing & Fashion

Covers full garments and outfits and smaller fashion accessories like belts, holsters, shoes, bags, and more.

Creatures & Animals

For all the non-bipedal humanoid characters including real-world creatures such as insects and animals to creates not of this world!

2D Game Art Services

Coming Soon - Contact us to let us know you are interested and we can notify you when this becomes available!