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VFX Breakdown for “The Commuter” from Cinesite

Cinesite collaborated with StudioCanal and Liongate’s to work on “The Commuter” and produced 800 shots for the film, which included digital doubles, continuous action shots, environment builds and a full train crash sequence using CGI. This was not a small project as the workload required a global team working with artist in Montreal and London Read More...

The Very Best of Substance in 2018

The Very Best of Substance in 2018

Weta Digital Explain the VFX Used For Avengers: Infinity War

Great interview by BBC Click with Matt Aitken, a VFX Supervisor at Weta Digital. Aitken explains how Rotoscoping and other VFX techniques were used within production of the scenes on Thanos’s Titan. The fight scene was worked on for nearly 18 months for 20 minutes of the film which involved 400 people during this production. *This Read More...